Green-Ener-Tech was founded in year 2000 of engineer Carsten Sorensen.

In year 2000 the Danish goverment made an repowering program with the purpose to reduce the amount of small turbines and build bigger MW turbines. The windturbines in Denmark now covering approx. 43 % of the electricity and expected to be 50 % in 2020. During this programme approx. 2000 turbines have been dismantled and most of it exported and rebuild. Green-Ener-Tech have in this period dismantled and exported approx. 800 turbines. We are your A-Z repowering partner because:

icon We can buy your turbine

icon We can sell and export wind turbines

icon We can dismantle wind turbines ourself

icon We can remove foundations and roads

icon We can transport the wind turbines

icon We can build the wind turbine at the new site

Carsten Sorensen

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